Duke Health Employee Art Show

The Duke Health Employee Art Show – Call for Participation

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- Virtual Gallery Submissions Here - 

We know all those who might want to participate in the Duke Health Employee Art Show may not be approved for return to the hospital due to the ongoing restrictions. However, we do not want that to deter you from participating.  Arts & Health have decided to offer a Virtual Gallery option for those who won't be able to deliver their works for the on-site exhibit but still want to share their talent.

The guidelines and deadline are the same so submit one clear, high resolution, jpeg or pdf image to the link above by midnight Tuesday, July 7th, to be included in the Virtual Gallery.  These images will not be on display with the on-site exhibit, but will be displayed in the slideshow of participants which will be accessible on our website (we will provide links to all participants).


For those, still able to deliver your work to the hospital for the on-site exhibit, the drill remains the same and be sure to bring your completed Label Information Form for a speedy drop off.

Deliver your Entry:  Tuesday, July 7, 2020 from noon – 2 p.m. at the Mars Gallery Hall.

Exhibit Dates:  July 7 – September 1, 2019 – Mars Galleries, Duke University Hospital

For over 40 years, Arts & Health at Duke has believed that access to the arts is essential to the health and well-being of patients & staff.  Therefore, we invite and encourage all Duke Health Staff to share their work in this all-inclusive Duke Health Employee Art Show.  Works can be a visual representation of how you recharge, find inspiration, or reveal a talent not usually shared in your workplace. 

Eligibility –  Current Duke Health Employees & Volunteers are eligible to participate.  Artwork must be original artwork (no copies), be completed within the last 3 years, and not previously displayed in the Mars Galleries.

Medium – Two and three-dimensional pieces will be accepted, including but not limited to oils, acrylics, graphite, charcoal, clay, wood, beadwork, metal, glass, paper, photographs and mixed media.

Size & Number of Submissions – We will accept two-dimensional (2d) works no larger than 30” h x 30” w x 6” d and three-dimensional (3d) works no larger than 30” h x 30” w x 12” d.  All works must be dry and ready to hang with hanging wire securely attached to the back of all 2d works, and stable bases on 3d works.  Due to limited space, we can only accept one piece per participant at this time. 

No Pre-Registration, Classification or Awards – We no longer require pre-registration, classifications or offer monetary awards.  Each entry will be equally appreciated and displayed.

Label Information - Please download and print out the Entry Label and have it completed before you arrive.  You can download the forms here, Entry Label Form (.pdf)  This will help check-in / installation go much quicker.

Arts & Health reserves the right to reject work whose theme may be unacceptable or inappropriate for this venue, and works that are not completely dry or threaten to damage other works due to instability of hanging devices or bases.  Any works brought over the size limit will only be installed if space permits.


- Due to COVID-19 all dates are tentative at this time - 

Delivering of Entries:  Tuesday, July 7, 2020 from noon – 2 p.m. at the Mars Gallery Hall.

Participants are encouraged to help install their work.  Don’t worry, we will be here to assist.

Retrieval of Artwork:  Tuesday, September 1, 2020 from noon – 2 p.m. Mars Galleries. 

Any works not claimed on this date will be removed and discarded.  We do not have storage to hold works if they are not retrieved, so please make arrangements if you are unavailable.

Each artist is responsible for delivering and picking up his/her artwork from the exhibit site according to the Rules of Exhibit.  If the artist is unavailable, they can send someone else to deliver or pick up their work as long as the Entry Label Form is completed and included with delivery, and notification has been sent to let organizers know who will be picking up their work in their absence. Any works not claimed on this date will be removed and discarded.  We do not have storage to hold works if they are not retrieved.

Liability:  Every attempt will be made to preserve, secure and protect each entry submitted, but Arts & Health at Duke cannot be held responsible for damages, loss of art entries, or changes/cancellation of this exhibit due to low participation or unforeseen circumstances.  The placing of this art constitutes an agreement on the part of the entrant with conditions herein set forth.

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