Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits


Aqua: The Healing Power of Water   is a collaboration of 6 abstract painters based in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Inspired by their coastal landscape, the work in this exhibit represent the colors, various moods and rich stories these artists bring to life.  Acrylic, oil, metal, and mixed media processes are represented.


Artist Bios

Anne Cunningham - Surface View, 12 x 48" Copper on panel, $1250

Anne Cunningham

Since 1990,  Anne Cunningham has been on an exciting exploration using metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum to create free-form wall sculptures.  “Every day is an experiment”  discovering new ways to texturize and shape the metals, layering with papers, weaving cut strips,

applying inks, dyes, chemicals and paints.  With no constricting boundaries, her work continues to change and evolve.  Cunningham’s work is represented by distinguished galleries around the country and in Private and Corporate Collections such as S.A.S. Institute, Duke Medical Center,

Bank of Birmingham, Marriott International, Carolina Power & Light, Wake Medical Centers and United Health Care, Salt. Lake City.  Cunningham’s work was voted “Best of North

Carolina Artists, First Place in Mixed Media.” 


Liz Hosier - Ebb Tide, Oil/Cold Wax on 24 x 24" panel, $800

Liz Hosier

I believe that Art is that process of seeking truth through color, light and form inspired by sight, feeling and contemplation supported by life experiences.  My work reflects my love of nature and travel, while my obsession with colors and light give me inspiration.  I find my best work starts with the simplest of ideas that allows me the freedom to explore new techniques, color and materials rather than following a well-worn path.  Currently, my painting is process-based abstraction using a variety of mediums including oil/cold wax, acrylic and encaustics.   I also enjoy teaching cold wax/ oil workshops at the Cameron Museum of Art finding that the give and take within a workshop is a learning opportunity for both my students and me.  My work can be seen at ACME Art Studios as well as in various art shows and exhibitions in the Cape Fear region.

Joan McLoughlin - The Boys of Summer, Mixed Media on panel

Joan McLoughlin

Joan McLoughlin is a contemporary artist currently working in acrylics and mixed media, sometimes incorporating photo transfers into her abstract and semi-abstract paintings.  Her art is expressive, imaginative and colorful. Born and raised in New York, Joan studied art in Baltimore, MD and now lives and paints in Wilmington, NC.  She exhibits in numerous solo and group shows.  Locally, you can find her art at  Art in Bloom Gallery,  Eclipse Artisan Boutique, the Wilson Center CFCC, as well as her home studio.

Kirah Van Sickle - Salmon Run, Acrylic/Mixed Media on 30 x 30" canvas, $900

Kirah Van Sickle

Kirah is an adventurer at heart. Her early years set a foundation for travel, exploration and visual storytelling. Her acrylic and mixed media works are deeply personal expressions of her memories and dreams, inspired by nature and geological forms.  In addition to her studio practice, Kirah is a dynamic instructor and lecturer, leading custom studio and plein air courses directed to both beginner and seasoned artists.  She is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and studio artist, a certified Golden Artist-Educator, and active in community arts programming and preservation of cultural and natural resources. Kirah lives on the Cape Fear Coast of North Carolina and is a staff instructor at the Cameron Art Museum, Johnston Community College, and Cape Fear Community College. She is represented by Art in Bloom Gallery in Wilmington, NC.

Peggy Vineyard - Out of the Blue, Acrylic on 18 x 24," $650

Peggy Vineyard

Peggy, an award winning artist in Houston, TX, and Wilmington, NC, began her love of art in elementary school and it followed her throughout her adult years. She majored in elementary education and minored in art, graduating from the University of Houston in Houston, TX. Following a career in teaching, counseling, and real estate, she became a full time artist when she and her husband moved to Wilmington, NC. Her primary medium is watercolor and acrylics, but she enjoys sculpting as well. Her paintings are most mostly abstract/non-objective, experimenting with shapes, colors, organic forms, and lines making a work of art.


Katherine Wolf Webb - 3 pm, 12 x 12" Mixed Media, $200

Katherine Wolf Webb

A native of the south, Katherine was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and spent her childhood in Georgia.  At the tender age of 7, Katherine’s mother gave her a watercolor palette and she began experimenting to see how many color variations she could create.  The experimentation continues today…

Katherine’s interest in the arts grew as she did, excelling in music, sewing, drawing and painting during her high school years in Charlotte, N.C.  She went on to Hollins College to earn a BA degree. However, her real education was a year at the Sorbonne in Paris.  This opened up new avenues of European culture as did visits to England, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Romania, Greece, Turkey and Italy. Katherine is an avid gardener, lover of animals and keeper of chickens! She nurtures her work through her love of nature and its rhythms while continuing to joyously (most of the time) study, show, paint, sculpt and create…






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