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Write For You Journals






Journaling Program: Write For You

This program has been indefinitely suspended.  Please check with our office before making plans to attend, 919-684-6124.

If you are interested in arranging a journaling class for your department or a specific patient, please call our office at 919 684-6124

Second Friday of every month, 11-11:45 a.m.
Duke Cancer Center, 0 Level Conference Room
These journaling sessions are open to Duke staff, patients, visitors, loved ones and the public. The program distributes free journals and encourages patients and family members to write as a way to:

• Reduce stress
• Reduce blood pressure
• Improve lung and liver functions
• Reduce stress-related visits to the doctor
• Improve memory

Our journaling program offers individual and group sessions to patients and their family members on cardiology, oncology, organ transplant, inpatient psychiatry and birthing units.


Workshops & Retreats

Our Literary Arts Coordinator provides bedside sessions by appointment or by unit and group sessions for both patients and staff. She is available to lead small group workshops and retreats for staff or patients at Duke University Hospital.
Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the group and can be designed to encourage self-care and self-awareness, creativity, teamwork, inspiration and reinvigoration. Workshops and retreats are generally scheduled for two to four hours in length.

Poetry in the Halls

Visitor reading poem

Poetry in the Halls is modeled after projects that placed poetry in New York and London transit centers. This program brings peace and reflection to public spaces at Duke University Hospital and clinics. Fifty poems have been permanently installed throughout the hospital’s many waiting areas and hallways.

This collection features works by locally and nationally recognized writers, including poems by our own patients and staff. The Poetry in the Halls project was made possible through the generous support of the North Carolina Arts Council and the Duke Medical Alumni Association.



Recordable Books

The Recordable Books Program is a new service available for patients on long term care units at Duke University Hospital. Patients who are away from home for an extended period can record their voice reading a story so their child or grandchild can “hear” their loved one reading to them at bedtime every night.
Goodnight Moon recordable book
The recordable books have replaceable batteries and a lock message function so that the child will have a permanently recorded keepsake.
Recordable books are available to patients admitted for a hospital stay of one month or longer. Staff members, patients or patient representatives can request a recordable book by calling (919) 684-6124. The Literary Arts Coordinator will deliver the book to the patient and can assist with recording at the bedside.

To make a donation to support the Recordable Books Program, please Make a Gift.